SOS : Ramadan is in the corner!

28 juillet 2010

Peace be upon all

Alhamdulillah once again here comes Ramadan, the most awaited period of the year for all Muslims. I went to a shoe shop yesterday and Amine (the sales guy) told my mom and me of how Ramadan is special to him to the extend that he took the whole month off so that he could spend it peacefully with family and friends. Awesome!

I'm sure that many Muslims (and some who are not) are equally preparing themselves for the big month: what to cook, where to eat, when to take the day off, etc... fellow readers; even though we have a hectic and busy schedule in looking for rizk lets not forget of what Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him) recommended us to do.

Allah the Compassionate has given us the months of Rejab and Shaaban to fully prepare ourselves for the big month. Rejab, Shaaban and Ramadan : three months in a row full of merits an virtues.

Today's the 16th of Shaaban. ...So with less than two weeks left before Ramadan, what should we do?

  • Increase in recitation of the Quraan. If possible, complete a minimum of 1 part to daily so as to make 1 whole complete recital of the Holy Quran during Ramadan.
  • Try and perform 4 rakah (units) of tahajjud before partaking in Suhoor.
  • Learn a, or many prophetic duas in Arabic.
  • As much as one can keep Allah in your heart by doing Dhikr eg: La ilaaha illallah, Allahu-akbar, Subhan-Allah, Alhumdulillah etc.
  • Devoting more sincerity and concentration into our existing daily prayers.
  • Try and utilise the days left to give up smoking.
  • For the more foul mouthed amongst us, try to refrain from swearing the whole month. Friends can help here by lightly hitting or gently reminding his/ her friend each time they swear that they shouldn’t do it.
  • And for my sisters who still have last year's fast to repay, hurry up now! :)

Here's a website with some other advices with a special Ramadan checklist (so to be checked-out):

OK now, ready people? On y va!!!

Tun Fatimah

My Hijab, My Liberty

25 juillet 2010

May peace be upon all of you whos searching for answers.
Praise to the lord.Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Sisters: Do you wear the hijab? Why or Why not? If you do, do you ever feel like taking it off? I feel like Allah wouldn't want to pose a burden on women (like when it's hot out) by forcing them to wear hijab.

Before I answer this question, I do have a few questions myself. Why do the nuns cover their head? and Mother Mary?and the jews? I find that covering your head is part of the teachings in most religion. Have you ever wondered why? Some say its a sign of modesty & humility.While others..well different people have different views.

First of all,yes I do wear the hijab,Ive just started it awhile ago.Now that I have it on,I dont have any intentions of taking it off,but sometimes the whispers of Shaitan do get the best of me.But Alhamdulillah,until now I have never taken it off('cept when Im home alone,or with other sisters).I wear it first of all because He asked me too. (Tout simplement,on se pose pas des questions sur ce que le Dieu nous demande.)

And because I want to please our Lord.Its just like when we're trying to please other human beings,surely we would do things that would please them wouldnt we?For example,a daughter would send flowers to her mother to please her mother,or a worker would invite his boss to lunch to please the boss(if he's lucky,he might even get a promotion).
I wear the hijab as I wish to please God and in hopes that He will place me in paradise with other mu'minun.InsyaAllah.

I have faith in Islam,in oneness of God,and I trust His words and His sayings (Holy Quran).

Why do I trust God?

Because I believe that He is the Creator of All.The Almighty.And surely a Creator knows Best 'bout His creations.

Just like an inventor of a machine would know best about his invention better than anyone else.
Ask Bill Gates about Microsoft and Im sure He has alll the answer.

As for hijab,there is a few verse in Quran which commands the women to wear a veil etc.It can be found in Surah Al-Ahzab and An-Nurr,for give me if I am mistaken.So,God has commanded women to put on their veils...Surely He has His reasons behind this.As a human being,I have no right to claim that my knowledge is any better than others,especially compared to Allah,the All-Knowing.

But He has also granted me with a brain and heart,to search for answers,to think and to understand alhamdulillah.I can give a few answers insyaallah.

And I think its mostly because God knows how it is not easy for a man to control his lust especially towards the opposite sex. So He asked the women to cover themselves in order to make it easy for men to control their lust.

Imagine a woman in bikini,a woman well covered and a man or a raper trapped in a room.Who do you think will most likely get raped first?...

My dear brothers and sister..God has grant us with brains.Think for a second...Its all logic isnt it?Maybe if all the women were to cover themselves properly,insyaAllah,there wont be as many crimes (mainly rape etc) as today..

And I do prefer people to judge me for who I am inside,evryone always says that its the thought,the heart that counts.Its how we are on the inside that matters,not how we look on the outside.Right?.Cause that wouldnt be fair,to anybody.And God is Fair.Besides,the outside beauty would fade sooner or later,but the inside beauty..It stays on forever,insyaAllah.:-D.Sisters and brothers...would we prefer for people to love us for what we are?or how we look like?...

Besides,whats the harm in wearing one?If people have liberty of dressing up the way they want, why can't we have the liberty of wearing our hijab? ;-D.

Plus, I do think its beautiful,the fact that you reserve your beauty for your husband and not just any men...:-)


Why I choose to believe in God...

19 juillet 2010

I choose to believe in God because....

I wanna believe that there's a greater power than Human Power...
That all these evil and bad people who misused their power will pay for their acts...
That all these good-hearted people but are less lucky in this world..
will get their compensation in the end all because they're patient ...

Good things come to those who wait..right?

I wanna believe that there's more to life than just 70-80 years of lifetime of growing up,studying,working,getting married ,have kids and getting old..

I wanna believe that the people I meet here on earth, the family Ive been born to..My friends..My loved ones..The relationship I have with them. Its not going to end the day I leave this world (Or the day they leave this world)
I wanna believe that I will see them in the hereafter. Where dreams come true. Where fairy tale is real.

Where we'll all live happily ever after..

And finally why I choose to believe in God...

Why Not? Theres no harm doing so does it?

How can I believe when I can't even see Him?

You can't see nor touch the feelings your feeling..Your anger, your sadness, the love you feel flowing inside of you..Can you see it? But you feel it don't you? And you believe in it..Right?

P.s- Sorry...ter-emo siket..Nielah die kene campak duduk kat negare yang ramai orang Atheist ni..

best sgt ke jadi superhero?

16 juillet 2010


nak share satu komik yang Starfire jumpa di satu website. tersenyum² Starfire baca. maybe sebab die ade mention pasal "superhero" kot. hehe.

Subhanallah, Rasulullah lah sebaik² contoh dan para sahabat sebaik² ikutan ^^

p/s : kawan² semua dah selawat hari ni? rindunya pada baginda T_T

Our date

13 juillet 2010


Okay this time around Im going to write this post the way I talk. Which means there'll be malay and a few english words...For those who only understands english and wish for me to leave a comment..;-)...Please & thank you

Kenapelakan...klu kite janji dgn manusie..klu lambat sepuloh menet...kite da bwat muke.
Klu yg couple tu..boleh gado sampai nk clash..hanye kerane 10 menet...

Tapikan kalau dgn Die...Bayangkan klu setiap solat tu diibaratkan macam 'dating' dengan yang Maha Penyayang. Tergamak kite buat die tertunggu2 sampai waktu kite menghadap Die...Kekdang bukan setakat 10 menet,boleh sampai 20 menet,30 menet...Kdang2 kite skalikan je terus 'date' yg first dengan 'date' yang sterusnye.
Cth: (Dialog biase)

Manusie (sambil melihat jam tangan): Eh da nk masuk maghrib nie..Tapela,tunggu la lg siket nak Asar..Takyah amek wudhu' lagi da..Sekalikan je terus..Pas Asar tnggu kejap then Maghrib. Senang siket...

Cube tanye diri sendiri pernah tak ayat-ayat sebegini terlintas kt otak kite?

Cube bayangkan kite buat macam tu dgn orang yg kite janji nk jumpe....
Dekatkan trus 'date' / 'rendezvous'
,kalau skalikan je rendezvous yg first dgn yg second...Camane tu?

Klu dengan yang tersayang...uish,bukan maen lg,siap-siap,wangi-wangi...
Tak boleh lambat..Kene On-time!

Kenapa kite boleh tergamak nak buat macam tu (melambatkan 'date') dengan yang Maha Mengasihi kite...?
Umpame kite buat Die tertunggu-tunggu,kadang-kadang setengah jam...
Klu yang isya' kdangkale berejam..Trus tunggu subuh kan?
Takpon kekdang ade antare kite yang terus 'cancel' je 'date' nie...


Lepas tu bile hari kite macam 'suwey' siket ade yang even berani salahkan Die and saying things like..
'Life's not fair,hidup tak adil,nape mesti aku...etc'
Do we ourselves even take time during the days to remember Him, to thank Him?

Kite tak ingat pon kt Die...
By right, layakkah kite diingati Die...?

Sedangkan Die lah Segalenye.
Dari Die datang sumenye, tanpe Die,tadelah family kite,tadelah rezeki kite utk makan berpakaian etc.
Tanpe Die,takan bertemulah kite dengan org tersayang kite tu...

Maybe its time for us to muhasabah diri and think...
Sume yang baik dtg dr Rabbi 'alamin...
Dan yg tidak baik dtg dr kelemahan diri saye sendirik
juge Syaitan-syaitan yang busy membisik di depan,blakang,kiri dan kanan saye..
فَوَيْلٌ لِّلْمُصَلِّينَا . لَّذِينَ هُمْ عَن صَلَاتِهِمْ سَاهُونَ

[Al-Maa'uun 107:4 .107:5]

(Kalau orang yang demikian dikira dari bilangan orang-orang yang mendustakan ugama), maka kecelakaan besar bagi orang-orang Ahli Sembahyang -
(laitu) mereka yang berkeadaan lalai daripada menyempurnakan sembahyangnya;

Our Dear Juma'ah

10 juillet 2010

Peace be upon you

As Christians were given their Sunday and Jews their Sabbath (Saturday), we Muslims have our Juma'ah (Friday). SoubhanAllah, Allah has given every community its own ability and even a special mecial day for us to double our profits for the hereafter. Sadly, a loonggggg time ago in Judaism and Christianity people started misusing that day and diverted from Allah al-Wahid.

This diversion of the communities before us should be a lesson to us so that we would not make the same mistakes again. Sadly enough today in certain places Friday is a working day so people tend (and really really tend) to forget the virtues and sunnah of Fridays. Even sadder, Fridays become the more and more limited to men for the Friday only to men? La la (No no) ! Juma'ah is for EVERYONE!

Here are some sunnah that we could try to apply to our weekly friday routine (both men and women):

1. Increase our salutations to our beloved Prophet PBUH

"The Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: Frequently send salutations to me on Friday during the day and night. Whoever sends one salutation to me, Allah will send ten to him.”

Collected by Al-Bayhaqi in his Sunnan.Shaykh Al-Albani graded this hadeeth as being Hasan in Saheehah 1407

2. Recite surah al-Kahf

"Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the next."

Narrated by al-Haakim,


4. Perfume (for men) + wearing fine clothes

“Whoever takes a bath on Friday, puts on perfume if he has some, wears his best clothes then goes out, walking in a dignified manner until he reaches the mosque, then he prostrates in prayer if he wants and does not disturb anybody, then he remains quiet until the imaam comes out and he prays, that will be an expiation from one Friday to the next.”


5. Siwak

The Prophet (pbuh) recommended to use the siwak on Friday, before Friday prayers


6. Make du'a

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted”


Well that'll do for now! There's a whole list especially concerning the virtues of the khutbah and prayers of Friday.

Nevertheless, from the hadeeth stated above Friday is certainly a day of purification of the body (cleansing) and the soul (khutbah, du'a..).

Let's follow the steps of Muhammad PBUH!
May ALLAH guide us all.

cinta dipinta, menyintai dilupa

7 juillet 2010

Kita mahu dicintai tapi kita sendiri tidak menyintai, adilkah begitu?

Dulu, kita meminta berjaya dengan cemerlang, lalu Allah memberi kita kejayaan gemilang, tapi kita membalas dengan bermalas² daripada mengerjakan sembahyang. Lebih buruk lagi, ada sesetengah orang sembahyang pun, sudah mula "curi² tulang". Solat yang wajib pun jarang², solat sunat apa nak dikenang.

Sungguh, kita tidak sayangkan Allah!

Suatu ketika, kita meminta diberi rezeki. Siang dan malam kita merintih. Lalu Allah memberi, tapi kita lupa membalas budi. Rezeki yang melimpah ruah, semakin menjauhkan kita daripada bersifat pemurah. banyak berkira untuk bersedekah. Inikan pula untuk beramal jariah.

Sungguh, kita tidak endah suruhan Allah!

- Majalah Solusi, isu no.21

4 juillet 2010

Superman Vs Batman II


Peace be upon you dear readers...

So if you read my last'll know how I came up with this next theory:

If you can't stand Kryptonite, then forget about being Superman, be Batman...


Because we're human and I think we can all relate to him,unlike Superman who comes from planet Krypton who's almost perfect (i.e: Bulletproof body, can fly, lazer eyes, super strength etc.) but when it comes to Kryptonite..He's helpless.

So why Batman?

Because the Dark Knight puts an effort to all his weaknesses. He can't fly, but he invents gadgets to make it possible from him to go from one place to another.
His body may not be bulletproof (he's still has scars and he bleeds whenever he's hurt), but he solves it by making a bulletproof costume.
He may not be fast, but he has his batmobile and his motocycles etc.
He doesn't have superstrength but he works out to make his body more resistant.
Whatever weaknesses he has, he uses his brain to solve the complications.
He doesn't just sit around and wait for help to come, he does something so that he can be the best hero anyone could ever be.
Hes human..just like us.
He may be wealthy, but he doesn't spend all his money lavishly.

And he doesn't care what other people thinks of him. People may look at him as a rich-good-for-nothing-playboy even if he's Gotham's City number 1 crimefighter.
He doesn't have the need to justify he's the hero.
He just the job.

And don't get me wrong,he has his fears too. He's afraid of bats. But that does not stop him from doing his job. He works on his fear...Thats what he do..find a solution.

I talked about this with a sister and she did add few more useful points on my outtakes:

X : Same thing when we read the tales of the prophet's companions....... as long as we have that mindset "Of course they can do (this and that), they're the prophet's companion..etc". For as long as we think they are SuperHuman we will never learn from them.
We can read tons of the tales of Muhammad's companions, but will merely just be a wonderful fairytale everybody loves...We will never learn from them...
Only until the point where we realize, they really are just normal human beings..Just like us.
Only then,we'll gain something from their life stories.

Y : Exactly..Sometimes people fail to see the point. Even from the Prophet himself. God had purposely chosen the prophets among the people,among us humans, so we can relate to them and learn.
(Instead, we always use this as an excuse, he's a prophet,of course he's capable of things. Well, Im not trying to say that men like Adam,Moses,Jesus,Abraham,Muhammad (etc.) are not special. They're the chosen one after all. But they're also humans,never forget that. Hey,even the prophet is warned by God himself (Surah 'Abasa).

X : Yes... but often we always think of them as SuperHuman from the past. We fail to relate to them. We,ourselves create barriers.

Conclusion: They're human,we're human. If they can be the best of humankind. Why can we ourselves try to be the best person we can be.
Evrybody have their own strength...Everyone's gifted. ;-)

Okay fine, still insist on being Superman? Sure theres nothing wrong in choosing him. But don't work alone then...Hey even the Man of Steel needs his companions, the Justice League.
(Surah As-Saff)

Fight with those whos fighting for the same cause as you...Two heads are better than one. Working in a team makes a person stronger and much more solid.
We complete eachother.What we lack, others complete it.
As I said, we all have our own weaknesses and we all posess different strength...

Finalement, we all are like pieces of puzzle. Completing eachother to get that one final perfect picture..:-D

Beautiful isn't it?

The Answer

1 juillet 2010

Peace be upon you.

Indeed it's true when they say that questions make us think more and we become wiser. When it comes to religion amazingly and Alhamdulillah it makes us nearer to Him (inchaAllah).

A few friends of mine love asking questions about Islam. This one time, a girlfriend asked a somewhat dead-end question:

"What does Islam think of the other religions?"

Wowww!'re not going to tell her about the hellfire-paradise thingy are you?

Unsure of what to say, I went around asking friends : YM, Skype, etc...

Among answers I got:

"Christianity and judaism initially preached monotheism, praying to same and only God like in Islam"

"Tell her about the preachings of Islam but don't offend her religion"

"Ask her questions that would trigger her mind about The Creator"

"Islam combines both the teachings of the Messie and Moses"

"Islam aknowledges both christianity and judaism but which sadly has its texts manipulated."

"Only Muslims go to heaven."

Ermmmmm...okeyy. Wait a sec, what was the question again?

"What does Islam think of other religions?"

Opening the Quran sometime after, SubhanAllah:

And argue not with the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), unless it be in (a way) that is better (with good words and in good manner, inviting them to Islâmic Monotheism with His Verses), except with such of them as do wrong, and say (to them): "We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you; our Ilâh (God) and your Ilâh (God) is One (i.e. Allâh), and to Him we have submitted (as Muslims)."

[Al-Ankaboot 29:46]

MashaAllah! The very words of The Al-'Alim (All-Knowing). Verily, the Quran is our guidebook to everyday life. How could men not be satisfied with Allah's answers?

Thank you Allah, thank you..!

Proud to be a Muslim :)

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