My sister and I

22 mars 2011

We love reading books.
Books like Enid Blyton's Enchanted Wood (Faraway Tree series). Rowling's Harry Potter and Cecilia Ahern's if you could see me now.

We love magical stuff, things that doesn't exist in the real world.
Reading..with an open mind and heart takes us to all these kind of things.

We love Malory Towers cause it made us feel like we're one of those girls who were sent to English Boarding schools who made great friends and broke a few school rules along the way (Well my sister got into TKC so I think she's gotten a dose of her Malory Towers while I got into Semashur..Not so Malory Towers but it was fun all the same)

We love Harry Potter because of English Magical Boarding School. Magics, Flying broom, Butterbeers , owls etc etc.

And Faraway Tree is awesome cause it takes us to various lands like Birthday-Land, Land Do-As-You-Please, Land Take-What-You-Want etc. And awesome tress that grows awesome fruits. And pixies who bakes Pop biscuits,( A biscuits which pops in your mouth and later filled it with honey,or is it caramel, or toffee?) Either way, its still wonderful!

And we love Aherne's If you could see me now (Ive read all of Ahern's work but one (A place called here-pg 115 atm) and 'If you could see me now seems to be my favourite' Owh..Ian..

Expanding our imaginations with the help of books is just overwhelming. It gives such pleasure. Its a great escape from reality.

Books give us wings to fly. It gives hopes filled with dreams.
Reading is awesome.Seriously.

Well, we may not be able to experience the things we read in books, we may not have Edward Cullen watching us sleep or Jacob Black to keep us warm..
Thats alright. Even if we do, nothing in this world lasts forever. Sooner or later, we will lose it. So, wheres the fun if we don't get to keep it..

It all lies in being a good khalifah...
Hidup kat dunie nie, klu umur panjang pun around 70..But by 70 ape je pun yg terkudrat lgi nk buat.
Itu pun klu panjang umur..

We read the newspaper, we see headlines in the news...People dying. Everyday. Age isn't always the cause. (In fact sickness, natural disaster, accidents.. its just a reason, an excuse for Izrail to take us away)

Our time will come. Sooner or later...
So why not just try to be good. So insyaallah we get that golden ticket to Jannah..
Where FOREVER actually exists.

Be good. So when death comes to take us away, we'll be ready.
Hope to see all of you in the land of forever. Where dreams come true..

Life's a journey, not a destination. So Dream BIG !

~Selamat Beramal~ ;-)

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The Wayfarers

We are the wayfarers
We are the travelers
Wondering through
The planet earth
And see how great
The Creator is

We are the wayfarers
We are the travelers
Don’t you ever think
How strange it is
To treat everything
As tough as it’s ours