Its okay..if you're not perfect.

26 octobre 2011


To my future husband (whoever you maybe),

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

I just wanted you to know that Im okay with you not being perfect.

I will learn to accept your flaws. I might not react calm and collected all the time..
But I assure you deep down and in time I'll be okay with it.

The truth is..I don't think I can afford you being perfect and all that I ever wished for.. as the verse goes

2:216 -...and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows of that which we don't.

Most importantly, Im scared that if youre flawless,my heart would be all yours,
that I would come to love you more than myself..
that I would love you more than I love Him.
that I would think about you all the time to the extend of forgetting Him.
that my whole life would revolve around you..instead of Him.

So my other half..

With that being said, indirectly speaking, I also wish that you would come to understand, why I'll never be perfect, and the the reason why He created me to have all this flaw, and to err from time to time.
So that from all the hurt and heartache I might cause you.. through it all..
you will find it in your heart to love Him..more than you love me.
That you would devote yourself to Him..and not me..for Im just one of His creations..

I have to be you that you can put Him..above it all.


It doesnt mean that I want you to put up with my imperfections,
Teguran is always welcome..but please..I'd appreciate it if you'd do it in the utmost gentle way..
with hikmah. The way our beloved Prophet would, to his wives.. After all, he is the best example there is..right?
And I promise you, I would try my best..everyday to become a better person,
to live by what is required by our Deen.

And from you, my dear..if its not too much, I would like to ask you do the same..
A similar promise..that you would try your best each become a better caliph in this life..for Him..
and Only Him.

Therefore future husband...

its okay if you're not perfect..Cause I need you to be as you are.

And if I never had the chance to meet you I this lifetime...Its alright,

because He already knows that I would probably give you all of my heart,
leaving none for Him.

After All..He is Al-'Alim..The All Knowing ;-)

And its okay..cause life is too short anyway.
Its no place to spend forever with your loved ones.

" And what is life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion "(3:185)


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