4 juillet 2010

Superman Vs Batman II


Peace be upon you dear readers...

So if you read my last post..you'll know how I came up with this next theory:

If you can't stand Kryptonite, then forget about being Superman, be Batman...


Because we're human and I think we can all relate to him,unlike Superman who comes from planet Krypton who's almost perfect (i.e: Bulletproof body, can fly, lazer eyes, super strength etc.) but when it comes to Kryptonite..He's helpless.

So why Batman?

Because the Dark Knight puts an effort to all his weaknesses. He can't fly, but he invents gadgets to make it possible from him to go from one place to another.
His body may not be bulletproof (he's still has scars and he bleeds whenever he's hurt), but he solves it by making a bulletproof costume.
He may not be fast, but he has his batmobile and his motocycles etc.
He doesn't have superstrength but he works out to make his body more resistant.
Whatever weaknesses he has, he uses his brain to solve the complications.
He doesn't just sit around and wait for help to come, he does something so that he can be the best hero anyone could ever be.
Hes human..just like us.
He may be wealthy, but he doesn't spend all his money lavishly.

And he doesn't care what other people thinks of him. People may look at him as a rich-good-for-nothing-playboy even if he's Gotham's City number 1 crimefighter.
He doesn't have the need to justify he's the hero.
He just simply..do the job.

And don't get me wrong,he has his fears too. He's afraid of bats. But that does not stop him from doing his job. He works on his fear...Thats what he do..find a solution.

I talked about this with a sister and she did add few more useful points on my outtakes:

X : Same thing when we read the tales of the prophet's companions....... as long as we have that mindset "Of course they can do (this and that), they're the prophet's companion..etc". For as long as we think they are SuperHuman we will never learn from them.
We can read tons of the tales of Muhammad's companions, but will merely just be a wonderful fairytale everybody loves...We will never learn from them...
Only until the point where we realize, they really are just normal human beings..Just like us.
Only then,we'll gain something from their life stories.

Y : Exactly..Sometimes people fail to see the point. Even from the Prophet himself. God had purposely chosen the prophets among the people,among us humans, so we can relate to them and learn.
(Instead, we always use this as an excuse, he's a prophet,of course he's capable of things. Well, Im not trying to say that men like Adam,Moses,Jesus,Abraham,Muhammad (etc.) are not special. They're the chosen one after all. But they're also humans,never forget that. Hey,even the prophet is warned by God himself (Surah 'Abasa).

X : Yes... but often we always think of them as SuperHuman from the past. We fail to relate to them. We,ourselves create barriers.

Conclusion: They're human,we're human. If they can be the best of humankind. Why can we ourselves try to be the best person we can be.
Evrybody have their own strength...Everyone's gifted. ;-)

Okay fine, still insist on being Superman? Sure theres nothing wrong in choosing him. But don't work alone then...Hey even the Man of Steel needs his companions, the Justice League.
(Surah As-Saff)

Fight with those whos fighting for the same cause as you...Two heads are better than one. Working in a team makes a person stronger and much more solid.
We complete eachother.What we lack, others complete it.
As I said, we all have our own weaknesses and we all posess different strength...

Finalement, we all are like pieces of puzzle. Completing eachother to get that one final perfect picture..:-D

Beautiful isn't it?

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