My Hijab, My Liberty

25 juillet 2010

May peace be upon all of you whos searching for answers.
Praise to the lord.Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Sisters: Do you wear the hijab? Why or Why not? If you do, do you ever feel like taking it off? I feel like Allah wouldn't want to pose a burden on women (like when it's hot out) by forcing them to wear hijab.

Before I answer this question, I do have a few questions myself. Why do the nuns cover their head? and Mother Mary?and the jews? I find that covering your head is part of the teachings in most religion. Have you ever wondered why? Some say its a sign of modesty & humility.While others..well different people have different views.

First of all,yes I do wear the hijab,Ive just started it awhile ago.Now that I have it on,I dont have any intentions of taking it off,but sometimes the whispers of Shaitan do get the best of me.But Alhamdulillah,until now I have never taken it off('cept when Im home alone,or with other sisters).I wear it first of all because He asked me too. (Tout simplement,on se pose pas des questions sur ce que le Dieu nous demande.)

And because I want to please our Lord.Its just like when we're trying to please other human beings,surely we would do things that would please them wouldnt we?For example,a daughter would send flowers to her mother to please her mother,or a worker would invite his boss to lunch to please the boss(if he's lucky,he might even get a promotion).
I wear the hijab as I wish to please God and in hopes that He will place me in paradise with other mu'minun.InsyaAllah.

I have faith in Islam,in oneness of God,and I trust His words and His sayings (Holy Quran).

Why do I trust God?

Because I believe that He is the Creator of All.The Almighty.And surely a Creator knows Best 'bout His creations.

Just like an inventor of a machine would know best about his invention better than anyone else.
Ask Bill Gates about Microsoft and Im sure He has alll the answer.

As for hijab,there is a few verse in Quran which commands the women to wear a veil etc.It can be found in Surah Al-Ahzab and An-Nurr,for give me if I am mistaken.So,God has commanded women to put on their veils...Surely He has His reasons behind this.As a human being,I have no right to claim that my knowledge is any better than others,especially compared to Allah,the All-Knowing.

But He has also granted me with a brain and heart,to search for answers,to think and to understand alhamdulillah.I can give a few answers insyaallah.

And I think its mostly because God knows how it is not easy for a man to control his lust especially towards the opposite sex. So He asked the women to cover themselves in order to make it easy for men to control their lust.

Imagine a woman in bikini,a woman well covered and a man or a raper trapped in a room.Who do you think will most likely get raped first?...

My dear brothers and sister..God has grant us with brains.Think for a second...Its all logic isnt it?Maybe if all the women were to cover themselves properly,insyaAllah,there wont be as many crimes (mainly rape etc) as today..

And I do prefer people to judge me for who I am inside,evryone always says that its the thought,the heart that counts.Its how we are on the inside that matters,not how we look on the outside.Right?.Cause that wouldnt be fair,to anybody.And God is Fair.Besides,the outside beauty would fade sooner or later,but the inside beauty..It stays on forever,insyaAllah.:-D.Sisters and brothers...would we prefer for people to love us for what we are?or how we look like?...

Besides,whats the harm in wearing one?If people have liberty of dressing up the way they want, why can't we have the liberty of wearing our hijab? ;-D.

Plus, I do think its beautiful,the fact that you reserve your beauty for your husband and not just any men...:-)


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