Why I choose to believe in God...

19 juillet 2010

I choose to believe in God because....

I wanna believe that there's a greater power than Human Power...
That all these evil and bad people who misused their power will pay for their acts...
That all these good-hearted people but are less lucky in this world..
will get their compensation in the end all because they're patient ...

Good things come to those who wait..right?

I wanna believe that there's more to life than just 70-80 years of lifetime of growing up,studying,working,getting married ,have kids and getting old..

I wanna believe that the people I meet here on earth, the family Ive been born to..My friends..My loved ones..The relationship I have with them. Its not going to end the day I leave this world (Or the day they leave this world)
I wanna believe that I will see them in the hereafter. Where dreams come true. Where fairy tale is real.

Where we'll all live happily ever after..

And finally why I choose to believe in God...

Why Not? Theres no harm doing so does it?

How can I believe when I can't even see Him?

You can't see nor touch the feelings your feeling..Your anger, your sadness, the love you feel flowing inside of you..Can you see it? But you feel it don't you? And you believe in it..Right?

P.s- Sorry...ter-emo siket..Nielah die kene campak duduk kat negare yang ramai orang Atheist ni..

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The Wayfarers

We are the wayfarers
We are the travelers
Wondering through
The planet earth
And see how great
The Creator is

We are the wayfarers
We are the travelers
Don’t you ever think
How strange it is
To treat everything
As tough as it’s ours