I can never be Him..

29 mai 2010

Some once said “Promises means everything but once broken, sorry means nothing”

Have you ever disappointed someone and you failed to find the words to tell that person how sorry you are..


Has someone ever disappointed you to the extent that you feel like you’ve lost all of your trust in them?

Well I’ve been there,done that and I’m sure most of you have at least once found yourself in both position.

Sometimes the people around you demands too much of you (too much of your time, your attention, to some, your money, etc.) They asked too much from you til you feel like screaming *Stop!* I can’t do this anymore..Im only human.. ‘

Only human... Something most of us tend forget.

Awhile ago, I hurt someone dear to my heart because of this.

And the worst part is, I might do it again. I might repeat the same “mistakes “ again.

So dear friends, family, my loved ones, the next time someone breaks your heart ..Please remember this.

A person can give you their time, attention and money but they can’t never be Al-Wahhab, yang maha Pemberi.

They can try to be fair…but they can never be
Al-‘Adl, yang maha Adil

And as much they try to be the person you want them to be… They can never be perfect..And they can’t never please everyone for there can Only be One yang
maha Sempurna, Al-Jalil.

And a person can say that they can give you all the love in the world, that they love you with all of their heart..
But the truth is,
There can only be One, yang
Maha Penyayang, Ar-Rahim.

And He is the Only One who can put up with all of our imperfections, that is patient with us,

He who is always willing and always ready to accept our “Sorry”s and our “I-didn’t-mean-to”

So my dears… Whenever you feel like it’s hard to forgive a person for whatever reason,

Remember that in the end there is Only One Maha Pengampun.

So turn to Him… Don’t turn to another person. Because we’re all just human, and we all need Him.
The Only One who can provide us with all that we need..

My personal excuse to anyone Ive ever hurt..
Im sorry for the past, the present and the future..

But please do not expect too much from me

Cause I can never be Him.

Coming soon: Key to happiness...

For now lets enjoy another video shall we..

2 commentaires:

hehe. a dit…

halamak kantoi la sapa huntress ni. jeng jeng jeng.

Huntress a dit…

Hehe: ;-). Dalam sume heroes, Huntress ar yg plg tidak menjage identiti.;-p

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