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31 octobre 2009

Peace Be Upon You

Name: Huntress

'H' bukan name sebenar: Helena Wayne

Weapon of choice: Crossbow

About Me :

My name is Helena Wayne. Daughter of Batman + Catwoman. Just like my father, I prefer the night compared to the day. Bile malam..sunyi..tenang..Nampak Bulan. A friend of mine (Hang Kasturi) once told me, manusie nie sukekan Sang Rembulan sbb we ressemble one another..Dari jauh nampak indah..Tapi bile dekat, byk celenye..
Nobody's perfect kan?

Tapi...tapi,it doesn't mean we can't try to be the best we can be..kan?kan?

Which is why I chose the path my father have lead. The path of a hero...

Many of you may not know.. But my father's biggest fear and his utmost weakness..are Bats. Pelik kan? Tapi it was Alfred who taught him.
Sometimes,the only way to conquer our fear is not to run from it..But be apart of it..

I admire my father for alot of things. Walaupun die
kaye-raye tak bole blah, tapi die x sala gunekan harte die. Bapak saye genius..Kat ruma kteorg ade library yg sgt besarrr.When he's not out saving people,die membace..Always thirsty for knowledge,my old man.
Drp ilmu² yg die discover,he build his gadgets..his weapons..Always trying to better himself each time. Thats where most of his
expenses goes.
Tapi..Die x pernah brag.Berlagak.My old man is one of the humblest people I've ever met. He may be the saviour of Gotham City..Tapi tade org tawu identiti sebenar die. I asked him once..Why keep it a secret? Die just cakap..
Penting ke org tawu sape kite?Asalkan the job is done..Suda ^^

Mak saye? She used to be a nice lady. Tapi ade sekali tu bapak
sibuk sgt dgn kerje..Sampai die lupe kat mak. Feeling alone and ditinggalkan as if tade org pedulik.Mak left us. She gave in to the darkside. But I never once despised her. Just the things she do. Yela,walau apepon,she's still my mother. Orang yang mengandungkan sy, for 9 mths 9 days...Yang membesarkan saye..Kekadang sy salu bising kat bapak...Why let mum go..People like mum perlu orang² mcm bapak..

He just smile and said..
Sabar..Jgn marah..He never gave a real answer..
But deep inside I know he still loves her. And no matter how,
he will try to bring her back..away from the dark side.
I know my father...He's not a quitter.
A winner never quits..and a quitter never wins he said.
And who knows..Maybe 1 day..
I will save my mother..

Bile bapak sy rase mcm x larat and serbe kekurangan,or he just prefers a job well done. He works with his friends..The Justice League.Sy tak suke sgt uncle Clark Kent(a.k.a Superman)...Sampai sekarang x sy faham
motif die pakai spender merah kat luar..Perlu ke menunjuk sampai gtu?Hmm..?

My aunt,wonder woman plak...Sexy sgt..Sy pon segan tgk die. Sy x suke die sgt,as a person she's kind..Tapi takot nt bapak terjatuh hati. Pastu
tak fokus buat keje. Hmm,maybe one day bole cdgkan bg baju kurung ke kat aunt Wnder Woman.hehe.Mesti cute giler seyh..

My fave uncle is...The Green Arrow. Die la yang byk ajar saye pakai crossbow. He said he prefers the crossbow sebab sasaran die lebih
tepat and jitu. And much like my father,he's just a human yg tade superpower (x mcm uncle Clark =p). He's just a human yg cube utk perbaiki diri with his strength and mind. Saye rase Uncle Green Arrow nie macam Ustaz sket,tu psl die suke kaler ijau kot. Everytime sebelum die lepaskan panah die..Die bace bismillah.And he never misses his target..

Well,sume org ade kelebihan and kekurangan kan.
Thats why people work in team. Two heads are better than one kan? And bile sorg kekurangan sesuatu,sorg lagi akan top-up. We complete eachother. Just like a puzzle..

Dulu bapak slalu kerje dgn Robin. Tapi Robin da tade. Die kate die x suke kerje disebalik bayang² bpk. Who knows, maybe Robin pon tgh form his own Clan..Maybe die prefer lead orang dr di-lead kot..Tapi sy x pnah tahu sebab sebenar Robin lari..Mungkinkah Starfire tahu sebab sebenar???Teng teng teng..

And as for me, Im much like my father. Trying to follow his footsteps. I too,am trying to form my own League of superhumans. If you're patient enough,you'll get to meet them 1 by 1.
Kiteorg bersepuluh...But our hearts beat as ONE.

Enjoy reading our adventures...


5 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

I like.. :)

US a dit…

thumbs up!! :)

Huntress_9 a dit…

Jessica,Thanx a bunch. Gives me more semangat to write even more,InsyaAllah =)

US, Tq =),praise to the Almighty for granting me such wisdom.

Ahmad Afif a dit…


Ahmad Afif a dit…
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