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26 mai 2010

Peace be upon you.

I'd like to share an article from THE SUN (click on image to read).

For those who aren't aware, in the capital of the 'protector of human rights', a big debate on the niqab is happening.

The French government (and some of its citizens) aim to ban the niqab in all public areas. This includes parks, public toilets, shops, etc...!

First the ban of headscarves in public schools (and in work) and then this. And who knows what would happen next!

La haula wala quwata illa billah.

Nobody, NOBODY wants to be ripped off from their freedom to practice their beliefs.

What should we do? (No no, I'm not calling for a boycott campaign)

Let's pray hard for our brothers and sisters in France.
Let's spread the word of the beauty of Islam.
Let's tell the world that we ARE Muslims.

"The Believers, in their mutual love, mercy and compassion, are like one body: if one organ complained, the rest of the body develops a fever."
[Bukhari & Muslim]

2 commentaires:

Tun Fatimah a dit…

I forgot to add one important point:

The niqab is not just an arabic culture. The use of niqab is a part of Islam itself. Apparently the use of niqab originated from mazhab maliki (if im wrong correct me).

So No the Frenchies are not attacking the Arab culture, they are really attacking Islam itself.

Tun Fatimah

frenchies a dit…


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