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18 mars 2010

Kite nie...suke sgt buat kerje last minute kan...

Especially when it comes to our studies.
Esok exam, malam ni baru nak berabes study.
Petang exam, pagi smangat gile bangun awal nk revise lagi...

Then we sit for our exams...Result pon keluar.

Situasi 1: Alhamdulillah lulus dgn cemerlang..Thank God Im given the kelebihan utk cepat
tangkap subject nie..Alhamdulillah Allah tolong..

Situasi 2: Allah sipi je..Seb baek lulus. Pheww...Alaaa...Tapi macam lagi patut dapat lebih
je..Cikgu nie demanding la. Abes dah muntahkan segale ilmu kat ketas tu..Nape result
tak macam expected..Not as what I've hoped..

Situasi 3: Allah...Fail..Ha tulah..Padan muka diri sendirik.. Study lagi last menet..Kelas tuang.
Time kelas tanak concetrate...etc etc..

Pastu mulela azam baru (Kite nie mane penah satisfy dgn ape yg kite dapat) Klu da score..Nak score lagi tahap dewe. Kalau lulus je, Nak excellent next time..And kalau fail...Sumpah tanak fail dah lepas nie...Sumpah tanak last menet dah..Sumpah nak buat bebetul...Sume mende la kite menyumpah..

Pastu exam lagi....We repeat the same thing...Last minute lagi.Kantoi lagi....Then berazam lagi..Tape next exam,next sem,next year..I'll do better...

And alhamdulillah if at last...We really did score because we really did give our best.

Tapi,...What about the REAL exam nanti...

Tapela..Dah tue siket,nenanti buatla mende baek, nenanti solatla full 5 waktu...nenanti bile dah hilang nafsu shopping..sedekahkan lah harte tu..Tapi for now..We're still young...Clock is ticking...Live life to the fullest laa..Bile lagi kan?

Live life to the fullest...No regrets kan?

Betulke tade regrets...?Confirm?Sure?

Remember...In our life exams..If we fail..We can dust it all off and try again..Theres alway another chance..Kantoi UPSR, try for PMR,if not SPM ade if on and so on..

But in the akhirat?..If we fail? ...Ade ke eh..tape nanti hidup balik..Nanti buat baikla..

Reality is.

Theres no turning back. Thats really the end.

Susahke exam nak masuk syurge nie?

HE gave us all the guides dah thru His ayahs in the Quran...Thru all the sunnah..

Buat salah...? Die Maha Pengampun...
Bunuhlah 100 orang pon..Keampunan Allah tu seluas langit dan bumi & even more ..

Susa nak buat baek...Die kan Maha Memahami ,Maha Penyayang...Maha Adil..
Buat sikit2..Slow..Kalau rase x larat tgh jalan..tape..Try lg..
He knows deep in your heart is not easy for you to wake up to perform the dawn prayers......He knows deep in our hearts its not that easy to leave those little guilty pleasures..
Memanglah some of the thing He demands us...The tasks ..Macam...Susah nye...


Trust me,
if we suceed in doing it..
InsyaAllah.. lagi berbakul bakul pahala tu...Die kan Maha Pemurah

Susahke? Pasang niat je..Niat je nak buat baek (tapi x buat pon)..Dah dapat pahale..Niat je nak qiyam tetiap malam..tapi x bgn pon..Subuh gajah gak..Tapi dapat gak pahale kan..
Niat buat jahat..Tapi x buat pon..Dapat pahale jugak. Yet we accuse God for being unfair..(Fine,we say 'Life' is unfair) but we all know what secretly & indirectly it means..

So, what more do we need?
Read and try to understand the Quran ...With your heart...The answers are all there...The answers for THE EXAM are all there...Its leaked..

Still running after wealth? Running after that guy you had a crush on? Wanna be famous like that model you see on TV? Wanna be hot like Nicole Sherzinger?

Why?What for?
...Wealth can't guarantee your happiness. Love? People always leave...Sometimes they leave you for another person..Sometimes they leave for good..
Wanna be hot and look young for always...?Ape kejadahnye..?
No matter how you look on the outside...On the inside...No one can change it...
Secantik2 Jennifer Aniston pon..Kene tinggal ng Brad Pitt gak..

Its all in our hand.Its our choice.

Heaven on earth? Or Heaven for always?

To always be beautiful...To always be happy..Young,carefree ,no worries... To always be with that person you love without having to worry that he or she would leave us someday..?
That kind of love...Barulah 'Forever' kan..
In syurge..Theres no end...Its gonna be for always...All for you...For eternity..

Choose wisely...Cause if we don't...Orang laen x rugi pon...Orang2 yang 'alim' duk asek nak buat baek ajak buat baek tu tak rugi ape pon...Derang nanti bersuke rie...Ustaz kite kat skolah tu..Tah2 kat syurge nanti berseronok minum teh cecah biskut dgn Penelope Cruz...
Kite nak intai dari nerake jeke?

Tunggu la siket lagi?... Sampai bile? Give me one proof that you can guarantee you would still be alive tomorrow...
Dunie nie skejap je...Kalau panjang umur pon 70 thn...80?

Hmm...Dah dengar cerite pengantin 4 jam? Earthquake Haiti?Chili? The Xynthia storm?Flood in Portugal? Do you think they expected any of it? ...Tgh sedap duduk kat escalator kat mall borak2 pon bole kene hempap kerete... (KB Mall incident)

Its a shame if we only see all these as an end to that person's life but took nothing out of it..That person's time is up..Nothing they can do will save them. Theyre dead.
If baek syurgela..If not..Sebaliknye..Na'uzubillah...
Pernah x rs..All these are God's way of reaching out to us..Of telling us...Be glad you still have time..Use it wisely...Be thankful I took their lives..not yours..

Besides..Whats 70-80 years compared to FOREVER...kan?

(Itu pun kalau umur panjang...)

So..make a change..Take the chance while you still have it.

Take control of our own life..

Its all up to you.No one else can help you but yourself.

"Life is short...Why waste it on chasing after things you can't keep forever?"


Imagine we've been learning Physic,Chemistry or Bio (using only 1 text book with repeated chapters) since we were 5 yrs old, surely by 17, A1/A+ wouldn't be a problem at all...

Yet we were given Quran 1400 yrs long before and its the 1 text book we have to study for the REST of our life. Plus, some of the ayat are being repeated over and over again...
By the end of our life...Surely we can score this...Can't we?

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silent observer a dit…

bravo huntress

Anonyme a dit…


entry yang best! tapi tukar kaler font buleh? kaler biru tu menganggulah, susah nak bace. dommage je.


Super Heroes 10 a dit…


Font colour changed.

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