Serunding lagi...?!

7 février 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Peace be upon you good samaritans.


Alhamdulillah, Im given another chance to share my thoughts with you. These past few weeks I've been kept busy mostly with my studies. Yes, even heroes have to study. How would I save people if I'm not smart enough. How would people respect a hero if he/she is not intelligent enough? Right?
(Besides, Uncle Alfred and my dad kept me grounded in my room anyhow.)

Remember in my last entry, I talked about my hobbies. I love reading,right?

This time,InsyaAllah I'll talk about one of the best nikmat in the world:

Glorious Food.

Just enough would be a pleasure. But too much can be a disaster!

How many of you around here have the experience of leaving our comfort home to pursue your studies? Raise your hands!

2nd question, how many of us have been forced by *esp our mothers to bekal serunding? Packets and packets of serunding...
Sounds familiar?

3rd question, raise your hands to those who has never manage to finish their share of serunding(s)..? And when you come home for holidays..and there it is new packets of serunding just waiting to be packed and embark on another journey ..

This time insyaAllah I'd like to share a method of getting rid (in a good way I mean) of these brown bits and pieces of meat. Throwing it away is a big NO-NO. No bazir² ok. Think of those in Palestine..In Haiti (read the news,they'd kill for food!) Serunding is God's grace upon us..Appreciate it. Here we go~

Operation Begone Serunding!
Credits to Alfred,the buttler,the cook,the babysitter

Option one: Re-cook it

1) Blend as much serunding as you wish, mix it with some water. Blend it until it becomes some-sort of a thick liquid.

2) Heat it in your wok with the meat of your preference; fish, red-meat ,chicken as you wish.
* You're advised to not mix a chicken/meat serunding with fish meat. And vice versa.
(Rasulullah's teaching, and its scientifically prooven that mixing land and sea meat can be detrimental to your brain & mind, which also explains why animals that lives in these 2 world are haram to certain religions- google it)

3) Add some santan (coconut milk) for flavour and some peppers,salt,honey (not sugar).Basically anything you think would add up the taste.
*Honey is recomended by Yours Truly Himself as a remedy for mankind (An-Nahl 16:69)

4) Add some carrots to make it a well-balanced meal.


Just 4 steps

Option two: 4 steps is too much? Try this;

1) Pack it in a your bagpack/plastic bag/bagpack
2) Give it to the starving/homeless people in the street.


Well I hope that helps.
Til next time.

Practice yourself in little things, then proceed to greater

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


Fzah Ruslan a dit…

i always cook it together v my congee. or just have it as a garnish on my congee. or maybe eat together v chicken flavoured maggie mee...? XD

u ade byk lg serunding ke? ape kate u just gimme some...?

Huntress_9 a dit…

Haha.Yup it does give that extra flavour doesnt it.

Nope I've run out of serunding due to exessive use few months ago.

And agak mencarik stock baru...


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