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10 février 2010

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you.

During a QnA session after a dars (class) in the mosque, the imam came to a question regarding the prayers. Since in France accomplishing the five prayers a day is not as easy as in Muslim countries, the makmum wanted to know if he could just simplify a prayer by just doing signs of the gestures.

So the imam said certainly its not the best way. The best way is of course to pray properly during the specific time lapse. He also explained about regrouping the prayers (jama'). I personally love this part of his answer:

If people could find a place to smoke, then I'm sure you are more than able to find a place to pray.


We are lucky to be a part of Muhammad's (PBUH) community. Why?
Because one of our advantages is that Allah has prescribe to His Prophet (PBUH) the Earth as a place of worship and purification. (Nope, no other community was granted this before us!)

Meaning? We can pray, praise and be grateful to Allah no matter where we are on Earth. Why on? Because in means that it would be too late.

American Muslims

Pakistan's cricket team

A prayer takes about five minutes. Allah's land is big. Common', let's pray! Allahu Akbar!

PS: There are of course several opinions regarding this topic. Do not hesitate to ask the nearest imam or ulama' near you! :)

Tun Fatimah

4 commentaires:

man beku a dit…


giler gempak new layout!

kudos kepada tukang buat

nenek kebayan a dit…

hurmm. nak solat di mana-mana ni memang kena ada kekuatan yang hebat kan?

teringat pernah solat jemaah atas salji. wuduk pun dgn tayamum!

p/s: pasukan cricket pakistan tu slalu dpt kemenangan tak? hoho.

Super Heroes 10 a dit…

salam man beku.

time kasih time kasih. layout ni amik dari internet je.

selalu-selalulah lagi visit kami!

Super Heroes 10 a dit…

Salam nenek,

Yup2, mmg kene ada kekuatan. Selalunya kalau srg2 takot2 tapi bile berteman mmg rasa kekuatan yang lebih!

Tapi sebenarnya apa yg kite perlu takutkan kan? hmm..

Sinon, utk cricket team tu, ada tgk2 kat internet. Macam group yg power2 gak.. (sry, tak follow cricket! hehehe..)

Tun Fatimah

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