AlhamduliIlah, we are Muslims

2 mai 2010

Do you proclaim that no one has forced you to do so?
If so, then repeat these words after me:

Ashadu Ashadu
Alla Alla
Illaha illaha
il-Allah il-Allah
wa ash-hadu wa ash-hadu
anna anna
Muhammadan Muhammadan
ar-rasul ar-rasul
Allah Allah

Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Congratulations!! Behold now in front of you your brothers. Welcome brother, welcome. From today, all your past wrongdoings are erased Insha’Allah. Come on now people, come and congratulate your new brother.

Dark skinned, white skinned it doesn’t matter. SubhanAllah. Everyone rushed to hug the middle-aged man. Everyone rushed to congratulate him.

It was a Friday, a day worth an infinite of hassanahs for us Muslims. That special day, I witnessed two shahadas. That day, I felt my family grew even bigger. What a happy day!

The shahadah of a newly converted Muslim is so powerful that everytime I hear one I’d shiver. One conversion would only last 2-3 minutes but the impact would last for days. This time somehow tears unexpectedly came tumbling down. I was no longer in control of my emotions. Happiness, sadness, remorse. All mixed up.
Wait a second! Sadness? Remorse?
“From today, all your past wrongdoings are erased Insha’Allah.”

Wrongdoings…Sins… Astaghfirullah. How much have I put myself into over these past twenty years…? How I envy the converts. Pure, newly born Muslims. What a beautiful reward Allah has set for them.

"I implore to you O’ the Most Merciful. Bestow on us Your mercy. Forgive me and those who are close to me of our sins and guide us my Lord to Your righteous path. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen."

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

maaf, patut ny 'asyhadu ALLA ilaaha illallah'

asyhadu-aku bersaksi

alla(alif-nun.lam-alif)-sesungguhnya tiada


illallah-selain Allah.

no offense. people makes mistakes. Allah yubarik fik :)

Tun Fatimah a dit…

noted! thanks :)

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