Don't Talk to Me About Muhammad

29 avril 2010


nak kongsi kisah menarik daripada sirah Rasulullah S.A.W:)

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there lived an old woman who was carrying a heavy load along the road in the desert. It was a bit difficult for her, but she was managing as best as she could. A young man asked if he could help her with her load, and she readily obliged. Here is the conversation that transpired:

“It would be such a pleasure to have you come alone with me. I accept your gracious offer of kindness and company”she said. She was a very talkative woman, and the young man did not want to interrupt her. So, he let her speak the entire time they were together without interruption:

“But as we walk along young man and as you help me with my load, I have only one request as we travel down this road: Don’t talk to me about Muhammad! Because of him there is no peace and I have trouble in my mind. So, don’t talk to me about Muhammad! And as we walk along together, we will get along just fine.”

She continued:

“That man upsets me so, so much more than you could know! I hear of his name and reputation everywhere I go. Though his family and his clan once knew him as an honest man, he’s dividing everyone with his claim that God is one!”

“He’s misled all the weak, the poor, and the slaves. They think they’ve all found wealth and freedom by following his way!”she sarcastically snorted.

“He’s corrupted all of our youth with his twisted brand of truth. He’s convinced them that they all are strong and gave them somewhere to belong. So, don’t you dare talk to me about Muhammad !”
They reached their destination, and the man helped the woman put away her belongings. The old woman , with a wide smile of gratitude at this stranger’s kindness, turned to him and said, “Thank you now, young man. You’ve really been so kind. That generosity and smile is very rare to find now a days. Let me give you some advice, since you’ve been so very nice to me. Stay away from Muhammad. Don’t heed his word or emulate his way. If you do, you will never have true peace, and all you will find is trouble.”

As the young man turned to walk away, she stopped him: “Now before we part and go, if it’s alright just the same, may I ask my dear young man, who are you? What’s your name?”

He told her, and she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Forgive me, but what was that? Your words weren’t very clear. My ears are getting old, and sometimes I have a hard time hearing. You know, it’s truly rather funny, but I’m sure I must be wrong. Yet, I thought I heard you said that your name is Muhammad.”

“I am Muhammad,” the Prophet (peace be upon him) told the old woman.

She replied, “I bear witness there is nothing worthy of worship except God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.”

Walaupun perempuan tu hina Rasulullah,baginda tetap tenang dan sabar.Kalo kita yang berada di tempat baginda tak tahu la boleh jadi sesabar tu ke x.Rasanya macam x.huhu

Pengajaran yang Blossom boleh diambil dari cerita ni:walaupun orang buat jahat dengan kita,kalo kita balas dengan kebaikan,pasti orang itu akan termalu dan hormat kepada kita.

anda pula bagaimana?

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


kalau ada orang bermasam muka pastu kita senyum kat dy, mesti lambat-laun dy senyum balik :D

Anonyme a dit…

keciknye tulisan, blossom

LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy a dit…

dearest owner;
nice post.. teruskan usaha...

ermmm btw for last post, tulisan nya sangat larr kecil.. boleh menyebabkan vertigo T__T

SyaNa_saN a dit…

sangat2x sokong persoalan kat bawah entry sekali tuh!! =)

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