I Love My Planet

5 avril 2010

Assalamulaikum warahmatullah


Konnichiwa mina~sama!

Earth is a very important part of our lives. Most of us wouldn't think of polluting our bodies, yet we are polluting our planet by misuse and overuse of our natural resources. As responsible individuals we should at least do what we can to help reduce, reuse, and recycle what we can as a first step.

We are not completely to blame; we inherited a polluted Earth, but we can do something to ensure that our children can grow up in a cleaner, safer planet than ourselves.

Do you think that we superheroes only care to save people from danger? Hey, we also concern for our planet earth as much as we concern for those who need our help.

Don't ever let someone get away with saying "what can I do, I am only one person". Each and every person can do a lot, and you can influence others to do something as well.

It is great to talk about how important the Earth's environment is to you; but it is more important to put words into action. Some actions on our part are very simple and effective such as:

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS when you are not in the room (this is an easy one that is quickly forgotten). Also, unplug your appliances when not in use; even when not in use they can be an "energy sink" just by being plugged in.

2. Many grocery stores sell REUSABLE BAGS (usually a few cents), buy them and use them.

3. PLANT A TREE or other plants. You might want to think about raising some edible plants (help the environment, save money on food, and feed healthy food to your family - what could be better)

USE REFILLABLE BOTTLES for water. Bottled water is a huge culprit to having a clean environment. Stop buying all of those water bottles that fill up our land-fills. If you need special water, buy a water filter.

REUSE WHAT YOU CAN, like boxes for mailing and padded envelopes can have several uses in them. Be sure to black out the previous addresses and remove the used stamps.

PLAN YOUR TRIPS and combine as many errands into an outing as possible. See if you can carpool to work, or take a bus; or ride a bike to work or you can simply walk (think of the calories you might burn!)

USE NATURAL CLEANERS whenever possible like lemons and baking soda. It is healthier for the environment as well as for your family.

8. BUY LOCALLY, when purchasing meats, dairy, eggs and cheese products. It is far more likely to be organic and raised safely.

9. MAKE YOUR OWN MEALS, and avoid fast-food eateries, that consume paper, plastic, and styrofoam in enormous amounts, that consumers discard in landfills.

SUBSCRIBE FOR RECEIVING BILLS BY EMAIL, it saves gas and trees. Also pay bills online and email instead of writing letters.

There are many more tips to go green and save our environment. All you need are will-power and desire to live in a cleaner, safer world.

“God loves us more than we could ever tell; He made us this world and He made it well,”

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We are the wayfarers
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