Taman Tasik Perdana

27 mars 2010

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you.

How are our beloved readers? InsyaAllah I pray that everyone as well as their family and friends are safe and sound under His guidance. Don’t worry, no weirdo scenarios from me this time. However I’d like to share a small part of my memory five years back…

It was a good sunny day in 2005. My friends and I attended YAWA’s AGM (Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam Annual General Meeting) in Taman Tasik Perdana. For those who are not familiar or haven’t been there, it’s some sort of a big area on a small hilltop in Kuala Lumpur where you can find the Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Orchid Garden, the famous Tugu Negara and much more. So ladies and gentlemen if you have time do drop by for a visit as this is where you could actually get to know Malaysia better.

Malaysia- hilltop – lot’s of trees – animal parks…Well if you haven’t guess yet, who says a lot of trees says monkeys! Hehe..Eventually yes you could see monkeys by the roadsides, harmless ones of course.

So apart from the English language right now, I believe that everyone could feel the Malaysian spirit already right? Now to my tale: firstly people, bear in mind that the official language of the club is English. Everybody speaks English that is. During a few minutes break from the meeting my friends and I decided to hang around outside. We saw another girl and started talking to her. She was really nice but I so forgot her name (I have trouble with names)!

She actually shared with us a poem written by a really good friend of hers. Well actually a Malay poem: sajak. I can’t remember exactly how it was but I assure you that the poem was so tremendously beautifully written. I mean seriously! It was a lovely sajak! We can’t help saying how lucky she is to have a friend writing poems like this.
But but but…nope no sweet ending here! As sad as it may be, our dear friend does not understand the sajak at all. She actually does not understand Malay.


(No no, it’s no offence being Malay and not understanding Malay.)

And so it came to me. I’ve been writing in English all this while but I do wonder at times if people understand what I meant to say. There are times that I know I’ve done my best and couldn’t have done better but do people get me?

Alas, I’m only human: imperfect by creation but full of will and spirit. And so I turned to my Quran. Opening it I see beautiful Arabic writings. I look closely trying to figure out two or three words. I know that these words make up beautiful phrases, almost like poetry. If only I could understand Arabic…

Then, I wonder… I simply wonder, if (I did say IF) the holy Quran had feelings, how would it feel when people read the verses without even being sure to have understand the messages it brings? How would it feel to be transmitting the Creator’s words without the reader actually understanding those divine words? How would it feel to be kept on the shelf for days, months while the human being before him mistreats himself and the people around him?

It’s not just any WORD people; it’s our Creator talking to us, telling us what to do! What a disappointment it must be for the Quran. NO, it’s more like what a pity and what a big waste it is for us Muslims! The Big Guide of Life and the Hereafter before our eyes. This I believe is a BIG offence.

When shall we start understanding?

Tun Fatimah.

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Anonyme a dit…


tersentuh bahagian 'if Quran had feelings...etc'

thank you for the entries. meaningful.

Tun Fatimah a dit…


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