Tun Fatimah balik kampung !!

4 novembre 2009

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon all.

Now it’s my turn!

Jeng jeng jeng….

Tun Fatimah is my name, daughter to the great Bendahara (prime minister) of Malacca, Tun Mutahir. If my dear Bumblebee and Prof X wrote in Malay, let me then do the same but in English.

Me? A heroine? Of course! But then unlike my fellow heroes, I am not yet equipped with all those high tech gadgets. Well you see, I had to travel to time (500 years!!) and I’m still having a tough time adapting myself. There is a lot to be learnt but Insha’Allah I’ll manage. The proof is: well, this blog and the English!

I am well-known as a serikandi or Malay heroine and the last queen of Malacca. Yes, you got me right: the LAST queen of Malacca. Is everyone now ready to have a talk or two on history?

No, don’t worry, I won’t be telling the loonngg tale of Malacca here! Well, not just yet. Lol. I have lots of time to do that in other entries.

Hmm.. year 1500..Seems REALLY far away. So, what made me come back..?

Now then, my father Tun Mutahir or better known as the Bendahara Seri Maharaja was a very influential man. As the Sultan at that time was still young (and rather naughty too!) my father had the responsibility to make sure that things ran well in the country.

Alhamdulillah during my father’s time, Malacca remained prosperous and peaceful. At that time Malacca even had strong ties with rulers of other countries, even with the great Ottoman Empire which was based in Turkey.

Like I said previously, I am the last queen of Malacca, not by will but by force. I was initially married to Tun Ali. He was indeed a good man. Sadly during those last years of Malacca’s prosperity, many were obsessed my wealth and fame. The Sultan himself strayed far away from the righteousness. It was so bad at that time to the extent that my whole family was accused of treachery and all, ALL my male family members were executed.

This then gave a chance to the Sultan (who was still at that time day-dreaming) to marry me. After the death of my father, Malacca became even worse! Praise be to the Creator for the will and strength I was blessed with. After all that had happened, I had to BE STRONG.

For the love of my religion and country, I tried to mend the situation in Malacca. I was the Queen; of course they’d listen to me now. However, Malacca at that time was in a critical chaotic condition. By the time my then husband, the Sultan realized all his errors and what was happening, the Portuguese had already all planned. We tried, I assure you to defend Malacca the best we could but failed.

On August 1511, Malacca lost not because the Portuguese were stronger but because we ourselves neglected our country and this was our wake-up call. When I say ‘OUR’ I do mean those who were then Malaccans but also US now at present. Why? -Because we are still colonized. The worst part is that most of us don’t even realize it. But hey, that’s why we are all gathered here (in this blog) aren’t we?

I guess that’ll be it for now. No, of course I'm not done yet but this would do for now. Can’t seem to see the serikandi yet? Hang on to the blog and you’ll see it. I’ll be back soon, no worries. In the mean time, technology : here I come !!!!!

Till then, be safe.

Tun Fatimah.

Ps: Sorry no photo available. I don’t want another guy coming around for marriage now would I? :)

5 commentaires:

menza a dit…

so, it was during YOUR time, tanah melayu jatuh ke tangan penjajah!

jom bangun.

anjut a dit…

haha, comel ler Nani, kau jgn delete tau blog ni, nanti aku ada anak, aku nak suruh dia baca benda2 ni.kids like it.

Kakak Misteri a dit…

spread the love of the blog~~~~

Nani a dit…

anjut, aku bukanla penulis solo. Ade 10 org. Jgn sala faham ye..And psl request tu insyaAllah akan diusehekan

Tun Fatimah a dit…

Menza : sadly yes, 1511. Thats why kite kene bangun ASAP! :D

anjut : kids? uh-oh takleh cerita ganas2 sgt mksudnye ni. hehe

Kakak misteri : spread the love and the msg as well :)

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