Ada Apa Dengan Guru?... Whats a Teacher got to do with it?

20 novembre 2009

Salam alaik
Peace be upon you

You know how most superheroes have their alter-egos? My uncle Clark Kent si spender merah is a journalist. My cousin, Spiderman is a photographer. While my dad,Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne prefers a world where it requires people to dress elegantly (Yes,bapak mmg stylo)
Klu among us 10 SH nie, Bumbleebee,part-time die jadi teksi kot..yeke Bee? Blossom x cukup umur lg,so kene gie skolah..While others (Prof X,Keluang Man,Hang Kasturi,Tun Fatimah,Starfire,Mù Làn & Samurai Jack) Im not soo sure.

As for me...

Di tetengah siang bute, I don't go around saving people wearing my 'oh-so-stylo' costume. Tak care la babe. Dahla baju hitam. Kantoi giler kot.
Don't get me wrong..I still save people...just in a different kind of way. Pakai baju biase...beli kat Kamdar ng Globe Silk Store ke. Kalau x pon beli kat Sogo time sale. Hehe.
So when the sun comes up...I put on my 'normal' clothes and go to work.

My profession (alter-ego): Cikgu.

Surprised?Why a teacher you might ask...

Well I hereby answer..Why not?

Cikgu nie by nature suke tanye byk soklan. So sy nak tanye sedare² n sedari²...Bile besar nanti nak jadi ape..?Kenape ye?

I'd like to ask you another series of question...How many of us still keep in touch with our teachers dr zaman dedulu lagi? Still send them kad hari guru? Go back and visit them every once in awhile?
(Perasan x, slalunye budak yg igt cekgu,n cekgu tu pon igt die..Bebudak nakal.Yg pepandai bebaek sume biasenye bile dah fly..x igt da cikgunye..)

And one final question...Sape kat sini yang seumur hidup die sejak hari pertame melangkah ke alam persekolahan... x pernah langsung tuang kelas tanpe sebab-sebab yg kukuh? I'll make the phrase easier and more comprehnsible;
Sape tak pernah ponteng?

(Kudos to those whos never once fail to turn up for classes!)
Yang lain?Kenape kite tak suke pegi sekolah ye?

With every chance to skip classes,we'll take it without any hesitation. Padahal apeje pon kite buat klu x gie skolah..

People always say...we never really appreciate what we've got til its gone... Bile dah tade baru sedih tercari-cari...

Actually,the reason why I wrote this entry is cause my sister is a lecturer in Gotham City University. Unlike me,she choose to be a full-time warge pendidik (she's a little gayat,so die x suke kerje teterbang lelompat kat bangunan ni)

Anyway, she's blessed with a talent to write. Theres this 1 poem she wrote that I think most of us can relate to it one way or another...

I am a teacher and this is my lesson
(<-- Click here for the full version)

As always with love, there is heartbreak

Last, I told you about my newfound love, my students
They broke me today, to pieces
What did they do? Ask me.
The worst thing you could do to me as a teacher…….

Is not coming to my class.

U didn’t do your homework, I just get mad,
U do it wrongly,
I can lovingly correct you,

U arrive late, I can laugh at your excuses (u always hve one anyway)
U misbehave, sometimes I punish you

Any other way, I‘d just get angry or annoyed

Even then, it would just subside when I start teaching

But not coming at all….

U hurt me inside and made me sad

I am here to teach you
And teaching, I love most

You won’t even let me teach you

If you’re listening, this is how much it hurts

For every lesson, I pour my heart out
In preparing how best to teach you
Wake up in the middle of the night,
startle in the middle of the day

To share with you what I know
So that you may have that knowledge too

that you understand and feel excited and love towards knowledge
that you might find learning and knowledge fun

A valuable experience that you would remember

And be able to help you in your life

To seek knowledge
wherever you may be

On your own

Your teacher asks for nothing in return

No gratitude nor reward

A teacher’s greatest reward is When you are able to know yourself and believe in your own abilities
And see you go a lot further than she could ever go

Even though at the end
Your teacher is what you leave behind

But the knowledge and wisdom will always be with you

For as long as you live and keep using it
And that is a prayer, for a teacher

And my reason for being here, is just as a messenger

I can only show you the way

But you have to walk your own way

What a teacher teaches is not just skills,

Skills, you may forget them

But more importantly a teacher teaches values
that help you make your own choices
and for you to believe in those choices and to believe in yourself

So that is what makes the difference

Between a learnt person and one who isn’t

Is their ability in making good choices
So my dear students, stop hurting me

Just turn up for my class

I am a teacher and class is dismissed.

Readers...If we look back...Being a teacher is probably not the most well-paid job,definitely not the easiest either (dealing with a class of teens,adolescents..Igt senang ke?).
But,but... I can assure you that the teaching profession is one of the most noble job in the world. Without teachers...This world won't be filled with doctors,engineers etc. Tak caye? Cube bagi name 10 orang yg berjaye tanpe didikan org lain...I dare you.

Most teachers gaji x byk, while others don' even get paid. Tapi derang sanggup juge datang,jupe ank didikan dgn keikhlasan nk sampaikan ilmu..Some travel far..demi menyampaikan ilmu. X kesah penat berulang alik...x tdo mlm siapkan lesson plan..Always figuring out new ways to make the students understand better..
But how much do we as students..really appreciate d'existence of our teachers..?
Tak payah la nk anta kad or sms tnye kabar...Do we even remember them in our prayers..That they'll be blessed with something better atas jase derang spend mase utk duduk dgn kite and teach us how to be a better person.

Bukanla nak kate profession laen tu x bagus.It all depends on how we interpret the notion 'teacher' (cause everyone has a chance to teach something)
Paling penting,our intentions kan? Nawaitu tu kene betul...kan?
Sebab... ape yang kite niatkan...Itula yang kite dapat nnt.

As to why I choose to be a teacher...(Ade org kate...Ilmu nie pahale yg tak putus even after our death..)
Well,tanpe guru siapelah kite...

So beloved readers...What say you? What do you choose to be...Why?

P.s-Peter Parker once told me,

9 commentaires:

Anis Liyana a dit…

(Perasan x, slalunye budak yg igt cekgu,n cekgu tu pon igt die..Bebudak nakal.Yg pepandai bebaek sume biasenye bile dah fly..x igt da cikgunye..)

naa a'aa... (geleng kpala sesmbil jari telunjuk kekiri kekanan)

x agree... :D

Huntress a dit…

Err kite x gie skolah same kot. And we didn't grow up in the same place.Where I come from...Budak² nakal yg lagi appreciate cekgunye.. Jual² kopok lekor,pastu bg kat cekgu sket..Sampai da kawen,beranak pon still call.Bukan nak kate budak pandai x appreciate.Cume 'selalunye'.Seramai² budak baek kat skolah ..Brape je yg carik balik cekgunye..

Anis Liyana a dit…

a'aa... mmg sbb tmpt kita x sama kot...

sbb sy tgk kat skola sy... dak2 overC slalu rindu nk g skola lama... n akn slalu jenguk skola...


Huntress a dit…

dan kadang-kadang...Budak-budak yg fly nie budak nakal..;-)..Pon possible. Still nakal suke sakat org..Tapi dah x malas blaja..:D.

Bumblebee a dit…

betol tu huntress. jadi teksi tu Bee nye part time. biaselah, nak carik duit lebih. ^^

Huntress a dit…

Hmm...Tertunggu-tunggu kritikan membine dr Menza...Mane nih..?

Bee,Elokla cr duwet lebih,nnt bole blanje heroes laen makan askem.;-)

Detective Conan a dit…

Hmm...Not bad. Tetibe it makes me sad thinking bout all those time I ponteng class dedulu. Feel so guilty all of a sudden. Selfishnye, ponteng for my own benefits. Bukannye study pon time ponteng tu. It doesn't make me any smarter,plus I hurt my teacher's feelings.Gedebush.Ouch.Thanks for the reminder Huntress.

menza a dit…

wau. tertunggu² komen dari saya rupanya.

i would agree (in general) your argument, miss huntress. budak nakal cikgu memang akan ingat. dan memang dia akan ingat cikgu sebab dia nakal mestilah banyak benda dia belajar.

so, in real life, are you a teacher? i'm getting confused of the identity hidden of the authors of this blog.

(tak boleh cakap lebih-lebih about teacher. as you said, it's a noble job.)

Starfire a dit…

Huntress, Starfire sll tak gi klas pg sbb tak terjage :(
mesti cekgu keciwe ngn Starfire gak kan.. :(

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