Heureux mariage Robin et Starfire!

25 juin 2012


You know that anxious feeling we get when we're about to face our first day? The first day at school (both as a student and teacher xp), our first interview for a scolarship/ job, the first day at work etc?

I don't know about you..But as for me.. somehow, The Utmost Awesome-est, The Oft-Knowing had always sent someone to help me calm the nerves..making the first day bear-able..and less terrifying. Few years ago, in 2009 to be exact I posted a note, a wedding speech for my everdearest sister, Diana Prince ( a.k.a WOnder Woman) in the note I mentioned about a certain good friend who took a train all whe way from Planet Tamaran to the other end of the railway (Gotham City). She spent the night at my house which at that time were filled with people she has never met before..
Doing all these in the name Yg Maha Penyayang, to help a friend in need.
Helping my family, prepare for my sister's wedding. (yup, it wasn't even My wedding!)
I really didn't expect her to come. And she never really told me. But she just called telling me she'd be boarding the train.
She just did it.

Now we're in July 2012. This friend of mine, Starfire, got hitched on the 9th of June, last month. It was such an event. We're all are happy for her. Congratulations Starfire & Robin. ;-).

To Starfire, t'as enfin trouvée ton âme soeur et j'espère que tu garderas ton sourire jusqu'à le dernier second de ta vie malgré toutes les obstacles que vous affrontiez en tant qu'un couple. Nobody said that married life est du gateaux. Just like any other relationship, it needs effort and sacrifice. God didn't exactly say that once we've completed one part of our deen, life would be easy. But He did remind us, that as long as we want Him near, He'll get us through it all, insyaAllah.

To Robin, you are one lucky dude. And Im pretty sure you know this, thats why you it didn't take you that long to finally make the decision, kan? She's the one, and you took that vow to be with her for as long as you both shall live.

Ma chere Starfire,
Je n'oublierai jamais le premier jour qu'on s'est croisées. It was during our interview for the superhuman course at the Legion Academy. Malgre my snobbish don't-look-or-talk-to-me attitude, Starfire came around and talked to me. There were about 13 of us (or so) But she was the only one to do so.
Well, God does work in mysterious ways.She called me me as I forgot to sign something.
So thats when it all started. (Yup, Starfire was the angel He sent me for the interview, my very first day of the many years to come as I travel down the path as an superhero.)
We exchanged our numbers, and our dads even sort of promised each other to " See you at Happy Harbor! "
- both, pretty confident that their girls nailed the interview. lol.

We kept in touch asking if any of us heard any news about the outcome.
In the whole Universe, they were only looking for 15 of us. We heard rumors that 9 were already chosen from Steel City. And I thought chances were pretty slim for me at that time.
But alhamdulillah, we both got the scolarship.
We weren't really bestfriends or anything. She had her circle of friends, and I had mine. But she had always been there when I needed her.
She would share the warmth of her comforter during winter in Thar (as I only had my fleece blanket). She helped me, offered me advices when I needed her point of view.

Je me souviens toujours de deux choses en particulier:
 1. The first day I decided to put on the headscarf for real. It was new year in 2009, there was a demonstration in the streets of Cosmos for Syraq. I made the decision a few days earlier. But I chose that day to wear it. Come to think of it, I don't know why I chose to call Starfire. Intuation maybe. She was the first to know, and she came bringing an extra headscarf for me, and she helped me with it…;) 

2. The talk we had. At that time,our legion vient d'être séparée en deux.
I still remember this particular phrase. "Ye, memang Huntress rapat dgn kak ****** tap Huntress jgn lupe kak ***** pun ade hak ats Huntress" The whole point wasn't solely about building relationship with them, one ukhti to another.
 But its about having a better relationship with Our Creator through all these other relationship. After that talk, I sent a mail to both of them. (kak ***** and kak *****, if ure reading this, je suis sure que vous savez je parle de vous deux =p)
And alhamdulillah, the relationships with kak ****** got better while still being in touch with kak *****.
and owh, Starfire were one of the few who actually 'layan' my obsession over, my dad, Batman. at the academy she gave me this little Batman with Big Head which I placed on my locker. Then there were that Batman toothbrush. and also a sort of Pocket Batman. (Its like Polly pocket, except it comes in a form of Batman's head, and upon opening, theres a Batcave, complete with a Batmobile. =D
 and of course its also thanks to Starfire that I didn't have to face my kursus kahwin alone.
She asked me accompany her last year.
I think it started as a favor for her, but end up being a favor for me as well.
 Yelah, having to attend 2 days course with people you never met! Terrifying kot! To people like me at least.

So, if you ask me about Starfire…These are the wonderful things I would always remember about her. ma tres chere Starfire,
 He sent you, at thé interview.
The first time we took our flight for our first summer holiday, you taught and showed me how to perform prayers in public. We were at CDG.
( At the time, I still hadn't wore my hijab, so I had to wear my extra polo shirt to cover my head. Then again I used the in flight blanket during the journey)
( I looked silly and we had a good laugh, but you didn't make fun of me, you assured me that it was okay to do un-ordinary things in the name of the Almighty)
Then you were there when I first put on the tudung. Heck, Starfi yg tolong pakaikan Huntress tudung tu! ;-)
And that talk about relationships with our ukhti(s).. All those gifts (Batman, and of course Mathurat- didnt at that time it would become the zikr I need most to get through the days)
And of course for ajak-ing me to come with you for the kursus kahwin =D

Tu as été une très bonne amie pour moi, et tu le serais toujours dans mon mémoire.;).

 To Uncle and Auntie, the Queen and King of Planet Tamaran, It was such a pleasure to get to know your daughter and having her as friend. You've raised her well, she's truly such a wonderful person. And Im pretty sure that Robin is a good son-in-law, and suami buat anak tersayang..Sbb Allah dah kate kan..Lelaki-lelaki baik utk perempuan-peremouan yg baik:)

 I never regretted knowing Starfire.

But one thing I do regret even until now is the fact that I wasn't there for her on her wedding day the way she was on my sister's wedding day. And I still feel the guilt until today. The inability to turn back time makes me feel so helpless. She's finally married. There would never be that last moment, last pillow talk between us bachelorettes before she becme the wife of someone.
Starfire, Je suis sincèrement désolée que je n'étais pas la, a la veille de ton mariage. J'aurais pu venir, j'aurais pu être avec toi, on aurait pu avoir une dernière nuit blanche entre filles, mais j'ai tout gache. Ive had my time and I chose otherwise. So for all the others out there… if you have a friend, a good friend, or any loved ones and you only had that one chance to spend with them before your live takes different turn of events…
Take it. Never think twice. Cause there might not be the 2nd time around.

But we all know, we all plan and He laughs. Theres always a reason for something.
For me its a lesson learnt, and I hope it will help others to not repeat the same mistake as mine. Living with regrets is no way to live. Its like you'd want to forget everything and try to be better the next time but somehow theres always that little voice inside you're head reminding you of the past. Things you could've done differently, but you didn't.

Hmm, my only hope right right now, is if ever Starfire and I are blessed with daughters.. I hope they'll become good friends, and my daughter could be there for her daughter the way I never did. I know its a bit far fetched..
but one can hope.

Well, thats all for know.

 Selamat pengantin baru Mohd Starfire and Nur Robin (hehe).

Semoga masjid yg dibina, dirahmati, dilindungi dan di- Guide Ar-Rasheed jusqu'à la fin du temps. Bonne Chance! ;)


bisous tout doux,


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