New Year's inspiration to all of us.. ;-)

1 janvier 2012

It all starts with the smallest step..Bismillahirahminirrahim..n our niat (intentions). ;-)

InsyaAllah, Ar Rasheed will guide us through it all.

Reflect on this: Sometimes we lose hope in turning to God and asking for His help because we feel like we have done too much wrong. And yet think of a child who has just angered his mother and immediately after trips and falls on the stairs. Even if that child had just angered his mother to tears, the moment he falls and cries for help, she runs to him. This is human mercy. And God is infinitely more merciful than a mother is to her child. So, do you think--no matter what you've done--when you're falling and cry out to the *most* merciful...He wouldn't come save you?
-Yasmen Mogahed

If you trip, dont have to wait for another New Year's Eve to start again. Each breath that we take is Allah giving us another chance to be better. So don't wait, cause no one knows when we'll be taking our last breath..

2 commentaires:

C.Ann Farhan a dit…

oh what a touching quote ;')

Super Heroes 10 a dit…

Thank you ;-)

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We are the wayfarers
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We are the wayfarers
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