Super Expensive Cars, Roadtax, Life and God.

25 novembre 2011

Salam (May peace be upon you),


Ever got stuck in a traffic jam or as the french call it "embouteillage"- just love the word. Anyhow, ever got stuck in a traffic and;

- laugh at all the other people stuck there with you?

- curse or make fun of the ones using the emergency lane for their own selfish benefit. (Especially only to get arrested by the policemen waiting a few meters ahead) Ha Ha Ha!

- feel sorry for those driving those kerete mewah seperti jaguar, lamborgini, ferarri, BMW, a Bugatti Veyron maybe dan sebagainye, kerane walau bagaimane awesome pun kerete mereke..ia tetap tak boleh terbang to avoid the traffic.

[Come to think of it, having one of those flying horses yg cam Navi Avatar naek tu seems like a more appealing choice of transport. Awesome nye!] And tak paya bayar insuran and roadtax! Wohoo~

Anyway, I was just thinking, thats one of the things I like about Him. The fact that He overlooks wealth, physical appearance and looks solely into our heart before passing any judgements.

Kinda like cars and traffic. Just because a person drives an Aston Martin, and another person drives some ancient Nissan or Datsun...We all have to abide by the road rules, by the traffic lights etc. Sure the roadtax we pay may differ based on the car we're driving. But in the end, if the traffic light is red, you still have to stop, and even if ure using the fastlane (Smartag/ Touch 'n Go) you still have to pay. And when you find yourself in the midst of a traffic jam. You're stuck..just like the others.

And that is what so beautiful about the Creator Himself and The Deen He entrust us with.

The fact that all that matters is a beautiful and pure Heart.
Jikalau baik dan suci dlmnye...nescaye akan terselah lah keindahannya diluar,insyAllah.

To be able to love us for all that we are...and to know us inside out, the good the bad...Especially the good deeds we do even when others perceive it badly. But He knows we never intend to hurt anyone, that, that one mistake we did, we did it with good intentions..He knows it all for He is The All Knowing.

50:16- And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.

God is so awesome, kan? ;D

In the end we will all be judge..befittingly, rightfully,fairly.

So despair not those who think this life is unfair, for the real life is not here, yet.
Maybe those evil person got away with the things they did, because no else found out bout it.
And maybe we know about it but its beyond our power to punish them.
Do not be angry..For He knows..and He'll know how to deal with them.
Everyone will finally get what they deserve.
Including us.
So be good people. Til next time.


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