How may we help others if we can't even help ourselves?

25 juin 2010



I chatted with a brother on this topic and this was how the converstion goes:
A: ...what do you think of the phrase [If we can't even help ourselves,how may we help others?]

B: Well..I think we can always help others even when we ourselves are helpless, but it depends on the situation,by help,what kind of help are you refering to?

A: Hmm...everyone has their own weaknesses,right? Take Superman for example ,his weakness is Kryptonite...right? Pardon me for the random example. Anyway, so when we get hit by an element that weakens us, sometimes we get too busy trying to help ourselves from that element that we forgot about others around us..We felt as if how could we help others if we can't even help ourselves?

B: Personally, for me,it depends on the impact of the hit, how hard it hits us. But if God wills it, this shouldn't be a problem. I think we all can help other even if we ourselves have problems of our own. Because in this world, no one is problem-free. Everybody has their own worries, nobody is perfect. As for me, we should try our best,insyaAllah,everything would be okay...
I'll give you an analogy of a glass...
We have one empty glass, and our friend have his (or her) own glass which is also empty.
So when the water gets poured into our glass and we'd like our friend to have some water too...We are not obliged to wait until our glass is filled with water to help him/her.
Even with a half-filled glass or even a quarter-filled glass ,we should be able to help this friend of ours.

A: That is a beautiful analogy...hmm...But what if the glass breaks?

B: Then we should pour the water before it breaks...But if it breaks beforehand, if its unavoidable, then we have no choice but to fix the glass first.
Just like when it comes to spreading the truth, we don't need to be a preacher to be qualified to preach to others...even withe the knowledge we have, we can spread goodness to others. /even if its just a phrase,a word,insyaallah, it'll be usefull to others,and ourselves (as reminders)

A: Well understood, thank you for reminding. But..what if a person were to teach another being to wear a shoe when he/she herself don't even like the idea if wearing a shoe. Again,random example but I hope it'll do..

B: Personally, if that were the case, then it is better for us to ask from others to teach us wearing the shoe properly first, because its crucial for us to be good at something before we can teach it to others...But that shouldn't stop us from teaching our friend others things that we already know. Everybody have their own strength and weaknesses, and thats where we complete one another. Two friends are like 2 hands, one washes the other, and vice versa. :-)

A: Alhamdulillah, sharing thoughts and give me new inspirations, thank you. Sometimes we get scared cause we keep thinking 'bout what others would think of us when we do something. We tend to think too much.
A wise lady once told me, we have to stop making assumptions. Because when we come up with assumptions, it'll keep us from proceeding with our work. We would end up thinking too much and not doing anything.

B: Yes, I tend to think too much too. So sometimes I just say to myself "Just do it,lets just get this over and done with"

A: Thank you again. Well,nobody said life would be easy right? Its full of sacrifice to be made..(But as long as we're doing the right thing, He did promise He would be with us every step we take ;-))
And as long we're doing the right thing..Why should we be afraid,right?

As for the theory on Batman Vs Superman...We'll continue on the next post..:),

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