Life is unfair...

8 mai 2010

Pernah tak rase sedih..kecik hati dgn kawan baek ke because of the little things they did..Kate bestfriend..Supposedly they're suppose to understand you the best kan..Tapi..?

Pernah x rase kecewe when you have always gave thoughtful birthday presents to your loved ones...But when it comes to yours..Well, your birthday is not that important pon..

Then..Lets put ourselves in another angle...

Pernah tak rase terhutang budi giler kat someone because they gave you something or they did something for you that you can never ever repay...

Kekadang sampai blushing..Sebab segan..Terharu because of the things they did..That you think..saying a simple thank you would never be enough..

Kalau derang masakkan makanan kite teringin..Kite pon nak bagi food yang they have been craving for jugak when the time comes...

When our parents bought us that dress or that shoes we've been dying to have..Rase cam nak tolongje mak kemas rumah hari-hari..

When your dad give you that expensive jacket you've been wanting...Rase macam naaak je teman die pegi maen golf...

Hm.Then theres that feeling...

Do you think you'd be able to stay calm and not be sad if suddenly you receive a call saying that your mom/ your loved ones passed away in an accident?

Do you think you'd be smiling if 1 day you found out that your bank account has been emptied by some robber last night?

Will you survive a day if ever you wake up to find that... you're blind..or that you can't move the fingers on your right hand?

What would happen if while you were walking on the street somebody accidentally spilled a bottle of acid all over your face or that you were involved in an accident and your face were disfigured?


You dialed that number just now..And you can still hear the voice of your beloved on the other end..

You went out to buy a sandwich....But manage to buy yourself a new scarf too..(Its a must-have..The 'IN' thing..)

You woke up this morning...and happily type away your status for that day on your facebook..With your perfect fingers..

And you look at the mirror just before leaving for class this morning...And everything looks fine...


There are times we indulge ourselves in these little guilty pleasures...We didn't even completed those 5 prayers/day...We shopped rather than give to charity...

We weren't even that good...Yet Allah still gives us that everyday pleasures of eating,walking, still sent us people..our family..our friends...our loved ones so that we won't feel so empty..too lonely in this life..

He's soo Generous...Giving us all these things...

Needless to say nak dengar cakap Die...Nak buat ape yang Die suruh,tinggal ape yang Die tak suke...Nak cakap 'thank you' pon susa....

Tapi...segan tak?

Isk..X malu ke kite nie..Dapat bebanyak hadiah..All the things that make us happy in our everyday life...Pon susa kalimat 'alhamdulillah..' tu nak keluar dari mulut kite...

If someone wish to trade your right arm or your left leg for 1 million pound?.. Would you do it?

Yet..We can't even find the 5 minutes ,5 times a day to really Thank Him..

Hambe ape kite nie...

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We are the wayfarers
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We are the wayfarers
We are the travelers
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