14 mai 2010

First and foremost, salam to all my dear friends out there...just wanna share something with u all guys...

I met a couple from New Zealand when i was on my way back to the town where i'm living right, we talked a lot in the train and the asked me how to get to the port, since they want to go to Portsmouth to visit their niece living make it short, his husband just missing his wallet somewhere, in the big metropolitan...they have been pickpocketed...unlucky them..

so, i accompanied them to the port..well, for sure..they knew nothing...actually, i didn't know very well, where we have to buy the ferry ticket and the palce for the, once we get there, i try to find the right place/building...they were nobody at that time..urghh, can u imagine that???so, we decided to go to a nearby bar while his wife waiting for us at the pavement..she was really tired..i know how she was at that time...with jet-leg and all that...

so, once we get there....he told me

So, i'll go and ask just stay here...i think, it's not nice for you right to go there???

Oh, i felt like wanna cry on the spot...*did you get what i mean*


Saya amat tersentuh bila, dulu saya dihalang untuk pakai tudung...biarlah itu menjadi satu kisah yang cukup pahit dan manis dalam lipatan sejarah hidup saya....

Islam di pandang serong, islam adalah pengganas..islam ada ekstream.....

Janganlah cepat mengeluh apabila kita,umat Islam di kutuk...biarlah mereka dengan hidup mereka, yang tidak faham atau yang memang tak nak faham kerana bukan semua begitu..Ya, memang kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelenga...tapi, mungkin kita boleh memilih, mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk..Mungkin di tengah-tengah celahan kaca, terdapat sebiji permata....orang asing yang boleh menerima kita dengan tangan yang terbuka..yang tidak memandang serong......

Only for my readers....enjoy this song!!!

p/s: dah lama cik KluangMan tak berspeaking2..tetiba datang mood nak mengarang omputeh..ahaks...=)

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Anonyme a dit…

huuu boleh imagine perasaan itu. ^^
perangai sstgh nonpracticingmuslims mensakitkan hati, nonmuslims plak yg respect kte.

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